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March 27, 2010


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In most genie stories, genies are bound to several rules. Most common rules are:
They can grant only a limited number of wishes (mostly three), they can't kill a person, they can't make someone fall in love, they are bound to their lamp/ring/bottle etc. These rules usually cause some trouble for the stories or create interesting twists.

Tell us about your rules and how they affect your stories and the actions of your genies.
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Forgot to add that unspecified or forbidden wishes backfire once granted.
I'm currently writing a story about genies at a convention. I did some research, for my story, and googled anything on genies and Djinns. I mixed up whatever I found, cause there are different sources.

-Genies can either pick who they want, for their master, or wait to be summoned.
-A genie's skin and smoke color determines whether the genie is good or bad. blue, white, pink is good. black and red is bad, purple is neutral.
-When Jinn's first crossed into our world, from their's, they were captured and cursed by gypsies and trapped in magic lamps or bottles by sorcerers. It's up to the Jinn to change from bad to good.
-genies can't give out more than three wishes. as a loophole, Masters can wish their genie to be a servant, so the genie will be at use at all times.
-if a genie is forced, by his/her master, to break the rules of wishing (killing someone, asking for more wishes, making people fall in love, bringing someone back to life), bound by magic, will shortly get sucked into a psychedelic nightmare land, back in their realm.
-A good genie, forced to grant forbidden wishes, will turn into a Djinn first and will have no control over their actions.
-A genie's curse is that they can't have children til they are free by their Masters. Not every Master will consider this, cause most masters are self-serving and greedy with their wishes.
-An injured genie will have drained energy and is returned automatically to their lamp/bottle to recover.
-Only genies/djinns know how to kill eachother.
-genies/djinns can't perform sex until they are in love, under the influence of a love-spell, or set free by their Master.
-genies do have the ability to shape-shift.
-freed genies have unlimited power, but a shorter lifespan. Being bound, by the lamp/bottle, only made a genie's powers limited to wish-granting. the rule of killing anyone still applies to the freed genie. 
-Freed or unbound genies/djinns can't grant wishes.
-Genies/Djinns do have a football field range away from their lamp/bottle.
-My genies have no problem showing off their abilities to the public, instead of flying under the radar (staying hidden and blending in).
-Genies levitate and fly, with a cloud around their legs, cause it's a fast way to travel.
-genies (free or not) have the ability to time travel.
-after setting a genie/djinn free, the wishes made before that, will be void. Well, depending on the wish.
TheGenieBoy Oct 3, 2012  Student Filmographer
I love this. :D thanks dude.
DreamlandMessenger Aug 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have an interesting little take on the Genie/Djinn mythos.

There are two types of genies in the world: The genie of the lamp (who sometimes is in a bottle) and the often forgotten genie of the ring.

Genie of the ring:
1. Can grant unlimited amount of wishes but they have to be small wishes (you can't change the world or yourself, it can't resurrect the dead or perform miracles, you can't make yourself ruler of the world, you can only change small pieces of your life or the lives of those around you)
2. This Genie can kill but it can only kill truly evil people or anyone who brings serious harm to it's master (can't kill a person just because they piss you off).
3. The Genie must remain within 100 feet of the ring that the master wears
4. It is free to use magic outside of wishes so long as it doesn't harm the master or whatever the master demands.
5. Will grant wishes no matter how general the wish sounds

However if the ring is ever damaged the genie will be harmed by it. Destroying the ring can kill the genie.

Genie of the Lamp:
1. Can grant any wish of any caliber but you are limited to three wishes (you can't wish for more wishes)
2. This genie is able to kill anyone regardless of how evil they are if you wish on it. It can also resurrect the dead but unless you're specific about it, you will end up getting a zombie.
3. This genie must remain within 50 feet of the lamp the master holds
4. This genie cannot use magic outside of wishes unless it wishes upon the lamp itself. It too is limited to three wishes but unlike humans, the genie can use three more wishes after a month is passed. For the genie to wish on its own lamp past three wishes will drain its energy some.
5. The master has to be specific about what wish he or she wants otherwise the wish may backfire on them.

The genies of my story I'll someday post on DeviantArt are involved in a sort of love triangle. The genie of the lamp is a well endowed female genie who is having an affair with the genie of the ring. Granted she cheats on him with any handsome looking masters that currently own her (or handsome looking men that are close enough to her lamp). She is very possessive of the genie of the ring because with him around her she is able to use magic outside of wishing on her own lamp, she'll kill any human that's in possession of the ring that contains the ring genie

The genie of the ring is a rather soft spoken male who is nice to all but a little snarky at times. His relation with the lamp genie is one sided, him feeling heartbroken at her cheating on him on numerous occasions. His current master is an underprivileged middle-low class high school girl whom he's slowly falling in love with while granting her wishes.
The-FractalDjinn Nov 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! Thats really awesomely planned out! Can wait to see how this all ties in with your story :)
VickaTheDragonHunter Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
well my oc spark (half genie half vampire) has these rules

- may not drink masters blood
- must answer any given order (from his master)
- can not refuse any wish
- lying to master is impossible even simple trickery is forbidden
- unlimited wishes master must return lamp out of free will

my little rebel has loads of trouble with these as you can imagine ... especially cuz also his appearance depends on his master vision of a genie to
(I can be so mean for my ocs sometimes)
A Genie is a spirit from another plane bound to an earthly object(it might be possible to find an alien Genie on a meteorite or something but I wouldn't want to see them face to face). These Genies are bound with rules unique to the binding they received. These bindings are the key to defining every aspect of a Genie's servitude with the only exception being the power that Genie can wield. Some may be bound to the service of so many masters before release, some to a single master, some might even just be bound to an object until that object is discovered. Rules such as "can not kill" or "can not make someone fall in love" are applied at the time of the binding and can never be changed unless the Genie was freed and bound again. The unbinding of a Genie can only be done if it follows the rules given by the binder or a special circumstance mentioned later occurs.

The effectiveness of a Genies abilities revolve around their power. A weak Genie who is allowed to kill might have to make someone kill for him, whereas a powerful Genie would simply smite their prey. In this same aspect a weak Genie allowed to control the emotions of others might win their Master's love over with gifts while a powerful Genie would just alter their being till the love desired by their Master existed.

The type of Genie that was bound effects what the effects are of coming across one. The number of wishes might differ due to the way they were bound or the power of the Genie. There is a lot of wiggle room here as some Genie's might have unlimited wishing potential but little power and vice versa.

The Genies form is unique, though they almost never appear in their true form. Most bindings give the Genie a form desired by the binder, or afterward the one who discovered the Genie. This is done for many reasons: a sense of power/control for the binder, a sense of shame/helplessness to the genie, or perhaps the binder just may not care for the true appearance of said Genie.

The personality of a Genie is often something that is unpredictable and therefor uncontrollable. What might have seemed a rather harmless spirit at first might grow to become mischievous and angry from their servitude, likewise a trickster spirit who hates humans may only need the right Master in order to form true bond. A Genie's personality is always changing and thus it is always risky to attempt control over one. Many binders use this as a reason to limit their Genie's wishes.

The special circumstance of a Genie's binding/unbinding that were alluded to earlier are as follows. In rare cases a Genie is not bound in body but in power. The item they are bound to is charged by them but they are incapable of acting on their own. This is when something else becomes bound to the bottle. Be it human, animal, or other spirit, whatever living being the bound object can make a connection with is taken as a body to act out its will. The rules of this circumstance are vague as the original binding was simply a seal of power, but they seem to be decided upon by the Genie loaning their power. This is the only case where a wish to free the Genie can be made. This wish however does not free the Genie but only the hostage body taken. At this point the bound object can go back to dormancy waiting for another body, or simply take the body of the one who freed their previous hostage. If the Genie's binding expires while a hostage is residing within the object, the hostage is released from service as well.

Genie's are almost always trouble. Their existence in our plane is unnatural and, usually, forced upon them. If one finds a Genie and does not happen to suffer consequences immediately, proceed with caution. This isn't to say that some have not lived a long and thoroughly happy existence in the possession of a Genie, but many more people have suffered than benefited at their hands.
ConanThe3rd Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Genies are immortal; they can't be killed by conventional means. If they are wounded, they will simply be sucked back into their lamp to recover.

There are ways, however, to end a genie's life.
ConanThe3rd Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Genie's never have legs, they are creatures of smoke that take the form of a human to interact better with humanity (though the modern genie has no recall of the orgional genie form, it's an artefact lost in time), typically, a genie is human from the head to the waist, the remaining form being a tail of smoke that winds back into their object.

Genies can practice magic ret-large but the big important wish-level magic needs a partner (IE: A Human) to work.

A genie's object is something that appears at the time of birth (or creation in the case of dijninifaction), a genie can go into and out of their object at will, however, there exist magicks that prevent their leaving their object, sealing them in to thier object.

Genies offer "wishes" as a favour for any being that releases them from their object (or do anything else for that matter). If they don't give a darn enough, they can "run" in the opposite direction and whatever.

A genie's object is the equivalent to the human soul, it's destruction will render a genie non-existent, however, the Genie Soul is nigh impervious.

Genie magic are bound to the rules of the soul- A soul can't be brought back from next life, it can not be manipulated via the mind nor can it be removed from the body.
SRSobotka Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Basic rules at least for the one story I was writing:

-- Jinn are always bound to an object or artifact through mystical means. The object does not necessarily need to be a lamp or a bottle, but can also be a gem, bauble or other item.

-- Depending on the circumstances that created the Jinn, a Jinn can have nigh-infinite magical and mystical power, or only enough to perform the most basic of tasks. This is reflection on whether the Jinn in question was created to be a high-end servant or is a common prisoner/slave.

-- Jinn aren't bound to the "Rule of Three" where requests (nie - wishes) from the possessor of their artifact is concerned. The possessor may make any number of wishes they like.

-- However, Jinn are bound to the basic limitations of their kind of magic: in that they cannot revive a dead person, they cannot alter someone's true emotions, etc. Also if a task is on an enormous scale for one Jinn to attempt -- i.e. destroying the whole world, altering the universe, etc. -- no Jinn is bound to perform such task.

-- It is possible for a Jinn to fall in love with their possessor, but only if the sex of the owner is the opposite of the Jinn (there are some rare exceptions to this).

I'll post more as I work on my particular story.

-- Stephen
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